Zara black floral dress for the last of this stretch of hot and sunny days

I was incredibly hesitant about this dress when I was first urged to try it on - 'black' and 'floral' just seemed so 90's to me. 

But I am so glad I didn't let that cloud my judgement, because this dress has received so many lovely comments.

Dress: Zara black floral  (similar here)  | Earrings:  (similar)  

Dress: Zara black floral (similar here) | Earrings: (similar) 

Its from Zara, at least early 2016, so I can't find it for all the people that have asked where its from, but here are a few alternatives, that I think don't look at all 1990's!

The earrings are a gorgeous stud / tassel combo, and I've found an amazing pair from Oscar De La Renta (!) and a fantastic alternative at Portmans :)

Jane Bunn