August 18th: After a taste of Spring, our next Winter blast has arrived

On Sunday, Melbourne reached 19C and Hobart 18C, but Adelaide only peaked at 12C - and it fell to just 7C at lunchtime. A big change is moving through.

Orbost in East Gippsland reached 24C, while Mildura in the Mallee fell to 11C…

…and when the change arrives, we have a period of rain, followed by plummeting temperatures, wintry hail and low level snow.

The coldest part hit Adelaide on Sunday, and is due over Melbourne early on Monday. Snow is likely to fall down to 500m for a time, as shown here (the purple area):

This is all thanks to a strong cold front, followed by a second surge (the bitterly cold air). A second cold front arrives on Tuesday into Wednesday (with snow to around 1000m). It all eases on Thursday - and the next high brings another taste of Spring after that.

By the end of the week, the usual areas should have received significant rain - but the wet weather is caused by cold fronts (with no injection from the tropics), so its only in these spots:

Check what to expect in your area here: Your Forecast



The rain does not extend far inland. Adelaide and the far southeast can expect 10 to 20 mm. The rest of the area shown has less than 10mm.



This is the usual pattern for cold fronts. Lots of rain in the southwest (<30mm) and western Gippsland (<50mm), up into the northeast (50mm/cm of snow). Rain shadows (from higher terrain) north of the ranges, west of Melbourne, and central Gippsland (generally <10mm).



Tasmania has a huge difference from west to east (as we expect with cold fronts). Potentially more than 150mm, grading to less than 10mm.

Jane Bunn