Jane Bunn's Snow Forecast Discussion
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Updated: Friday 17th August 2018, 8:20am.  

Snow through the weekend, heavy at times for all resorts, snow to low levels. A little more on Tuesday, then a long dry stretch.   

We're in between systems on Friday. Expect a mix of weather: areas of sunshine, and areas of cloud with light snow (produced by northwest winds moving upslope).  

The weekend is looking amazing for snow. It begins with a strong cold front on Saturday, then high pressure finally moves, with the centre coming down to our west (we haven't seen this for quite some time). This lets a second cold front come up from the south on Sunday (rather than west), bringing snow to southern resorts too, and making it colder.  

Expect persistent snow on both Saturday and Sunday, bringing 20 to 40 cm across the weekend.  

Heavy at times for northern resorts (in a northwest airflow) on Saturday, and heavy at times for southern resorts (in a southwest airflow) on Sunday. The totals in the graphic aren't cumulative, as the heavy focus shifts from north to south.  

The coldest part may let snow fall as low as 500 metres in southern and northeast Victoria, southeast NSW and Tasmania. This could produce low level snow in western Victoria on Saturday night, then Mt Dandenong, Gippsland, the VIC northeast ranges and along the NSW ranges on Sunday. Tasmania from Saturday afternoon through Sunday.  

And we're not done. Another, weaker, system comes up from the south on Tuesday, with 2 to 3 cm of snow, potentially heavier for southern resorts.  

Then the pattern changes - no more cold fronts... High pressure could move over southeast Australia, as a wandering low heads inland. This is one to watch for those very dry areas, to see if it can pick up some moisture and deliver rain.  

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Jane Bunn