Jane's Personal Weather Service

Jane's Personal Weather Service


Do you have an event coming up? Getting married or holding a sports day?

This service provides you with a personalised report of the typical weather for your location and date.

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If you are planning a wedding, function or sports day - or just curious about your birthday - this service can provide you with the data needed to determine the typical weather conditions on the date in question. 

For your location and specific date, I will provide a summary of weather conditions for the past five years, and:

  • the average maximum and minimum temperature
  • the hottest and coldest it has been
  • the percentage of days that have had no wet weather
  • the wettest it has been
  • how likely you are to see more than 2mm, 5mm, 10mm or 25mm of rain

This service is available for any location within Australia, for any day of the year. The data is analysed from the Bureau of Meteorology. It is not a forecast, but a guide to what the weather conditions have been in the past. 

Buy now, and have your personalised report within two business days.

The total charge is $18.14 + GST = $19.95.