Day Date Minimum Maximum Rain Probability

This is a weighted average of all the different weather models. If one model has done particularly well lately, then it has more influence, a poor model, less influence. This is not from a human forecaster, but straight model data. But, it is the very latest guidance.

-9999.0 = data not available for that time period 

Rain (mm) = Rain total from 9am that day to 9am the following day. (Why? BOM observations are reset at 9am each day).

Probability (%) = The percentage of the different weather models forecasting more than 0.2mm during that period. Can be used to show how likely any precipitation is.

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This map shows output from the latest model run from the ECMWF 9km resolution model: 

  • Updated around 7:15am/7:15pm (EDT) daily 
  • Click then zoom to where you want to see
  • Click along the timeline, or hover and press play
  • Hover over the far right, and you can change between wind, clouds, temperature, rain/snow, waves and pressure

This is straight model data - not tweaked by a human - and is an approximation based on an incomplete set of global observations (ie, what goes into the model is missing data, so what comes out as the answer is an approximation). 

I'll be explaining the intricacies of model data in an upcoming post.