Our warm and dry March so far ... as expected, but why?

With just light rain in the city over the weekend (early Sunday morning), the tiny total so far this month is 0.4mm. This is well short of the 50mm average, yet we are nearly half way through. The driest March on record was 3.7mm in 1934. 

The dry conditions are also warm, with our days running more than three degrees above the average.

This was expected for March, with slim odds for rain and cold weather, thanks to what the Pacific and Indian oceans are doing - for more see the latest seasonal forecast, updated monthly. 

And it has been exacerbated by a high pressure system that has parked itself over the southern Tasman Sea. This directs a lot of wet weather into New South Wales, but it dries our and warms up as it comes around to us.

Jane Bunn