The records set in this exceptional November in Melbourne

A summary:

  • We had 15 pre-summer 30 degree days. The record was 12, the average is 4.
  • We had a stretch of 9 days of 28 degrees or higher last week, the longest on record in Spring.
  • We had a stretch of 14 nights over 15 degrees, the longest on record in Spring.
  • The city averaged 14.9 to 25.9 degrees for the month. The long term average is 11 to 22 degrees. The maximum record is 27 degrees set in 2009. The minimum record is 16.9 degrees also set in 2009.

Why: We had the first cold 8 days (remember Cup Day?), then the high moved over the southern Tasman Sea and barely moved. This persistence brought excessive heat to the ocean, feeding back into the system. The Southern Annular Mode went positive for this stretch, reinforcing the position of the high.

Jane Bunn