Around Melbourne


This is your one stop shop for looking at how the weather could play out, around the Melbourne metro area, for the next few days (known as the 'short term' in weather speak).

I've started with the city at the top, then gone around the bay from the Geelong side to the Mornington Peninsula side, giving you a 'snapshot' of what to expect, and how the weather could move through.

This is straight model output from a particular weather model: the ECMWF. How to read these? See below the charts.

Melbourne Meteogram

Torquay Meteogram

Geelong Meteogram

Avalon Meteogram

Melton Meteogram

Werribee Meteogram

Tullamarine Meteogram

Essendon Meteogram

Wallan Meteogram

Bundoora Meteogram

Doncaster Meteogram

Yarra Glen Meteogram

Moorabbin Meteogram

Scoresby Meteogram

Frankston Meteogram

Cranbourne Meteogram

Rosebud Meteogram

Scoresby Meteogram

TEMPERATURE: The red line gives the temperature each hour, read off the left side of the chart.

CLOUD: The grey (or lack of grey!) up the top shows the cloud cover, detailing low, mid and high level clouds. High level clouds (and sometimes mid level too) can show a lot of sunlight through them, so it may not be as cloudy as this indicates. 

RAIN: The possible rainfall across a 12km by 12km square around the place shown. Showers may hit one part of this zone and not another, so its a guide to the 'area', not a specific 'point'. See rain vs showers for more. 

WIND: Speed and direction (where it blows from). More barbs indicated stronger speed.

PRESSURE: The green line, read from the right side of the chart, in hectopascals (hPa).

For the long term forecast see the website - select English(!) and type in your town. 

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Want more? Sign up for my Weather Resources